VIKOCELL 100Pcs A Grade Monocrystalline Solar Cells 6×6 for Solar Panel 500W


Physical Characteristics
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Class:Grade A
Size: 156.75mm*156.75mm
Diagonal:210 mm (round chamfers)
Front:Five Silver busbars,anisotropically texturized surface with dark blue silicon nitride anti-reflection coating.
Back: Full-surface aluminum BSF, Silver / Aluminum soldering pads.

Electrical Characteristics
Efficiency: 20.6%.
Maximum Power(Pmax): 5W
Maximum Power Point Voltage(Vmpp):0.558V
Maximum Power Point Current(Impp):9.089A
Open circuit voltage(Voc):0.665V
Short circuit current(Isc):9.652A

Connection way:

The blue side connect “-” (negative), white side connect “+”(positive).

In order to ensure enough power, Suggest use photovoltaic tabbing wire to connect it.


1. Because the output power of solar panels depends on solar irradiance and solar panel temperature and other factors

Therefore, the measurement of solar panels need under standard conditions (STC).

The standard conditions defined as: air quality AM1.5, light intensity 1000W/m2, temperature 25′.

2. Under this condition, the maximum output power by the solar panel is called the peak power.

In many cases, the peak power of the module is usually measured by solar simulator.
HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY – 20.6% High efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells Can generate more electricity for your projects in same area.
GOOD WEAK LIGHT PERFORMANCE – Outstanding power output even in low light or high Temperature conditions.
LONG-TERM STABILITY AND RELIABILITY – Use P-type silicon wafer make it have long reliability and stability to reach 25 years service life.
HIGH POWER – 100% A grade and adopt 5 busbar (5BB) design for to increase power to 5 watt for each 6-inch mono solar cells.
EXCELLENT PACKING – The solar cells was packing by hollow board, Pearl cotton and airplane box for lower breakage rate during the transportation.


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