RINKMO 50W Solar Panel, Portable Solar Panels Battery Charger with Light Strength Sensor, Support 2-4 Parallel to Increase Power(200w Max), IP65 Waterproof, Portable Solar Generator for Camping RV


Product Description


soolar pnaelssoolar pnaels

Rinkmo Solar Panels – Providing Outdoor Power Solutions For Explorers

Solar panels have become a popular way to charge devices on the go, whether it’s hiking, camping or just spending time outdoors.The Rinkmo 50 watt solar panel composed of high-quality monocrystalline solar cells has a high-efficiency power conversion rate, so compared with traditional solar panels, it can capture more sunlight and can be charged without too much sunlight. The conversion efficiency is as high as 23%, while the conversion efficiency of most similar products on the market is 15% or even lower.

Technical Specifications:

Solar Panel Wattage: 50 WattsSolar Panel Type: Mono-crystallineMaximum of parallel connections:4 (200w Max)DC Charging Output: 18V/5A (Max)QC3.0 USB Output Port: 5V/3A, 15WType-C USB Output Port: 5V/3A, 15WXT30 Output/Input port: 18V/10A(Max)XT60 Port: 18V/10A(Max)Operating Temperature: 0 – 158 FOpen circuit voltage: 21.6V

solar panelssolar panels


Q1: Why the solar can not produce 50W power when charging to power station?

As you know , the solar panels are affected by many factors. such as the intensity of the light and the angle of the panel put on the ground. 50W is tested in an ideal laboratory. However, the intensity of the light constantly changes.

In addition, the angle of the light illuminating the solar panel also changes with the rotation of the sun.

Please try test your solar panel under the full sunlight to see, and make sure there is no shadow cast on the panel.

Q2: Is the solar panel waterproof?

The Rinkmo 50W supports ip65 waterproof, but the port is not waterproof, please keep dry

solar panelssolar panels

When you are camping with your family, you can combine multiple Rinkmo solar panels to quickly charge the portable power station.Or you can divide the combined Rinkmo solar panels into multiple to use for different family members or different appliances.


SOLAR PANELSOLAR PANEL XT30 parallel cable for RinKmo

Plug and play parallel design, use RinKmo

dedicated XT30 parallel cable to easily

connect multiple solar panels,

efficient and convenient.

Smart light intensity display

The larger the value, the stronger the light

The position of the solar panel can be adjusted according to the value of the light intensity indicator to easily obtainthe best use angle.

The light intensity indicator panel will sag naturally when not in use to prevent circuit aging caused by sun exposure The maximum value is not necessarily 99%, it depends on the light, weather, season, etc., as long as it reaches the maximum value of the environment at the time.

solar panel

solar panel

solar panels

solar panels

solar panels

solar panels


Solar Panel Size: 32.3 x 21.8 inFree carrying bag: Protect solar panel

Abundant accessories

10 in 1 types of DC connectors 1 x XT60-DC cable & 1 x XT30 paralle continuous cable 1 x DC-Anderson Cave 1 x DC-5521 DC cable 1 x English manual

Product details

Waterproof carrying bag Sturdy handle & light intensity sensor Adjustable stand Waterproof standard IP65 DC/Type-C/QC3.0/XT60 output

50w solar panel50w solar panel

【UNIQUE PLUG-AND-PLAY PARALLEL DESIGN】 Using RinKmo’s dedicated XT30 parallel cable, you can connect multiple 50W RinKmo solar panels in parallel (up to four parallel) and output up to 200W of power. In addition, the RinKmo solar panel’s unique XT60 port (maximum output 20A) can be used to connect to a portable power supply when connected in parallel, which greatly improves the charging speed.
【SMART LIGHT INTENSITY SENSOR】 RinKmo solar panel’s unique light intensity sensor can detect the light intensity received. The greater the display value, the greater the power generated. It can help users adjust the direction of the solar panel according to the environment to obtain the best angle. In the natural state, the light intensity sensor panel will bend backwards, effectively reducing equipment aging caused by sun irradiation.
【PROFESSIONAL IP65 WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF】RinKmo solar panels are waterproof and dustproof, and meet the IP65 standard to endure all weather conditions, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic. Please NOTE: The output and input ports are not waterproof and please keep it dry.
【MULTI USAGE】This solar panel is designed for the most portable generator power station on the market, compatible with Baldr, Jackery, Goal Zero, Paxcess. If you have your own adapter, it can also be used with NexPow, ROCKPALS, SUAOKI, FlashFish. Also for mobile phones, power banks, tablets, laptops, GPS, digital cameras, etc. Ideally suited for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.
【HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY SOLAR GENERATOR】Constructed of high-efficiency solar arrays, perform better than conventional panels, generate more energy and convert up to 23% of solar power into electricity. Weighs only 3.13 pounds, comes with a Rinkmo waterproof bag, easy to carry. Note: 50W is tested in an ideal laboratory. The solar panels are affected by many factors, such as the intensity of the light and the angle of the panel put on the ground, or the shadow cast on the panel.


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