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Recently, some of our users encountered an error message with Service Error 53 0x35. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. The software you are trying to run displays the error message “Runtime Error 53. File not found” if the program tries to use a dynamic library or DLL file that has been removed or inserted incorrectly. The first step is to ensure that your drive is shared.

The great feature of this tool is wide compatibility towards Windows OS, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, or Vista. When you opened the Event Viewer, a user can clearly view Windows Logs option on the left side navigation pane. And, when we click on Windows Logs, a drop-down list opened. It consists of Application, Security, Setup, System, and Forwarded Events. In order to fix issues, the System log is very much essential. Next time if you want to view this custom view, just double-click Custom Views in the left panel and then select Crash logs.

Who is at risk of iTunes error 53?

I have a valid one from a trusted CA, installed it, works fine for Internet connected users. Those without Internet access encounters that same errors. This error is typically related to wireless network authentication and often appears because your Windows device is mistakenly searching for an 802.1x connection. To correct this error, follow the steps below.

  • The Reset this PC operation allows you to reset your Windows 10 install settings to default either by completely deleting everything on your PC or keeping only data.
  • Clearing the cache may help to get rid of the certificate error in Windows 10.
  • The software is used by professionals to diagnose hard disk problems and recover data from them.

Click on the Change option present next to Set the date and time manually. Open the Settings menu on your system by pressing Windows + I shortcut key. Disable protected mode in Internet Explorer. If the issue only shows up in Internet Explorer, disable protected mode to see if the safety mechanism is to blame. Sometimes, an outdated piece of software on the computer is to blame. We hope that this article has helped you troubleshoot this error.

Install the Heroku CLI

We will use the “Get-EventLog” command to accomplish this. Click any of the day’s columns to display the crash log, and the reliability details will appear below. Additionally, you can double-click on one of the events listed to open a new window with more details.

Restart from Safe Mode

Click on Next, select the desired restore point, and follow the on-screen instructions to restore your PC. Go to Troubleshoot, select Advanced options, and choose System Restore Download Here. As a matter of that Windows doesn’t work normally and the user cannot access any of his personal files. Your PC will reboot multiple times during Windows installation. Some Windows versions show the ‘Refresh this PC’ option alongside ‘Reset this PC’. This option is identical to the ‘Keep My Files’ option in ‘Reset this PC’.

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