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Board Area Blog

A great way to keep your control group people up-to-date in company reports is to set up a mother board room blog. This is the best way to keep your people informed of essential business problems and can be a fine recruiting program for new paid out participants. It could be also a good way for web marketers to post their very own thoughts and comments. By using a boardroom weblog template is normally an Boardvantage board portal easy and inexpensive way to get started, but you’ll want to develop your site with your company logo and photos in mind so it looks great.

Lessons From the Not for profit Boardroom | ECFA

Even as we look ahead to the end of this 52 Wednesdays, I just encourage you to click on a couple lessons–and then share them with your board today! Visit ECFA’s Governance of Christ-Centered Organizations blog, written by John Pearson, and inspire the board being lifelong learners. Order extra copies of the blog for your board affiliates at the Lessons From the Charitable Boardroom web page, or subscribe to our absolutely free email newsletter simply by clicking on the hyperlink in the bottom level right corner.

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